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Wychwood Rods


Wychwood Extricator Rod

9' Extricator Rod

The Extricator stalking rod has a lovely soft tip combined with unbelievable power for those snaggy heart stopping moments. Multi-modulus carbon construction gives fish-turning power while the braid-friendly triple leg rings are custom spaced for close-in margin work. Amazingly light. The perfect rod for short to medium range.

WA8010 - Extricator Stalker Rod 9 ft


Wychwood Carp Rod

Solace Rod

The Solace rods feature a progressive power action made from a multi-modulus carbon blank. Whether you want to cast to the horizon or lower a bait close in to the margin, you can feel assured in the knowledge that the Solace rods will deal with this as easily as they do the lunges of a carp's last bid for freedom.

WA9080 - Solace Carp 12 ft 2.5 lb
WA0285 - Solace MLT Carp 12 ft 2.75 lb
WA9082 - Solace Carp 12 ft 3.0 lb
WA9083 - Solace Carp 12 ft 3.5 lb

Wychwooc Signature Carp Rod

Signature Rod

The latest additions to the Wychwood line, the Signature Carp rods offer awesome value. The rods feature a super slim high gloss midnight black blank with matching reel seat, lined rings, and shrink wrap trim.

WA9120 - Signature Carp 12 ft 2.5 lb
WA9121 - Signature Carp 12 ft 2.75 lb
WA9122 - Signature Carp 12 ft 3.0 lb

Despatch Spod Rod

The Despatch Spod Rod is designed to have good balance and accuracy for baiting anywhere from short to extreme long range. Features full length Japanese shrink wrap handle, screw lock reel seat, extra large butt ring and power taper high modulus blank. An absolute necessity for effective long range baiting.

WA0440 - Despatch Spod Rod 12 ft


Wychwood Unconditional Lifetime Policy

At Wychwood we believe in a fair, unconditional, after sales policy. Should the worst happen and your rod is damaged in any way, we offer replacement sections available at a nominal charge. The broken rod, in its entirety, and the original dated receipt must be returned postage paid to Anglers International Inc. for repair or replacement. A fee of $60.00 will be charged if the entire rod is replaced. Taxes and return shipping charges apply. Wychwood reserves the right to amend prices or this policy at any time.