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TroutBead Rig



Realistic TroutBeads® mimic the true size and buoyancy of single fish eggs, making them an ideal bait for trout. Available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm, in a variety of fish-catching colours. BloodDot Eggs™, MottledBeads™ and GlowBeadz™ round out our selection of trout beads. (See our Steelhead Catalogue for our selection of colours).

Natural Roe Dark Peach Peach Fuzz Cotton Candy Tangerine Orange ClearDark Roe Ruby Roe Caramel Roe Glow Roe Dirty Roe Fluorescent OrangePeach Roe Sun Orange Orange Pearl Peach Pearl Sky Blue Pearl Mauve PearlPink Pearl Snow Roe Mandarin Roe Cerise Egg Egg Yolk Gold Roe Hot Cherry Montana Roe Apricot Pink Chartreuse SalmonMauve Cheese Shrimp Cream Blush Roe Lemon Roe



TroutBeads PeggzThe ideal products to hold the bead on the line slightly ahead of the hook. These soft rubber pegs secure the bead without any risk of damage. Available in a variety of colours.

50 Peggz per packet.

TBPGWH - Transparent White
TBPGOR - Orange


Raven Silicone Tubing



The BEAD PEG-IT rubber pegging system. Adjustable, easy, simple and convenient.

15 or 50 pieces per packet.

TBPG15 - Clear, 15
TBPG15-R - Red, 15
TBPG50 - Clear, 50
TBPG50-R - Red, 50