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Tandem Baits Impact Boilies

Tandem Baits Impact Boilies

Tandem Baits offers great quality boilies in the hottest fish-catching flavours and two sizes. Packaged in a convenient resealable 1kg bag to maintain freshness.


TB10018 - Strawberry 12mm Boilie
TB10091 - Total Scopex 12mm Boilie
TB10096 - Vanilla & Cream 12mm Boilie
TB10045 - Strawberry 18mm Boilie
TB10057 - Total Scopex 18mm Boilie
TB10058 - Vanilla & Cream 18mm Boilie



Tandem Baits Impact Pop-Up Boilies

Tandem Baits Pop-Up Boilies

High buoyancy version of the standard Impact boilies. Works great as a hook bait floating above a bed of groundbait.
Packaged in 200 ml (12mm) and 250 ml (16mm) jar.

TB11122 - Strawberry 12mm Pop-Up
TB11123 - Scopex 12mm Pop-Up
TB10096 - Vanilla & Cream 16mm Pop-Up
TB11244 - Strawberry 16mm Pop-Up
TB11246 - Pineapple & Peach 16mm Pop-Up
TB10105 - Total Scopex 16mm Pop-Up


Tandem Baits Premium Groundbait & Feeder Mix

Highly attractive groundbait and feeder mix. PVA friendly oil Tandem Baits Groundbaitbased particles break down quickly to draw carp to the swim. Squeeze it onto your favourite feeder and hang on for some fast action. It can be mixed with other groundbaits or particles.

TB10907 - Hot Hemp
TB10909 - Bird Extreme
TB10915 - Strawberry and Scopex


Tandem Baits Impact Dip

Tandem Baits Impact Dip

Made to complement the boilie range, these highly concentrated flavours make the hook bait more attractive by increasing scent dispersion. Soak hook bait overnight for extra potent and long lasting attraction. 100 ml jar.


TB11761 - Pineapple & Peach
TB11765 - Scopex




Tandem Baits Impact Carp Pellets

Tandem Baits Impact Carp Pellets Slow dissolving carp pellets draw fish in quick without over feeding. A perfect complement to a bed of boilies. Use a baiting spod for long range baiting and a catapult for short to medium range.


TB17062 - Strawberry 8 mm Pellets
TB17042 - Total Scopex 8 mm Pellets
TB17056 - Pineapple 8 mm Pellets
TB17044 - Banana Cream 8 mm Pellets


Tandem Baits Phantom Baiting Spod

Tandem Baits Phantom Baiting SpodMoulded from shatterproof plastic and an ultra buoyant nose cone. Fill it with particle baits such as corn, boilies or pellets and cast it to your swim. It will turn and dump its contents to the bottom.
For maximum accuracy, clip the line into the spool clip at the desired distance to lock in the maximum casting range.


TB01815 - Phantom Spod