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Starlite Cliplight


Starlite Light Sticks

Starlite chemical light sticks lead the world in quality and dependability.

Starlite Sl-5 Light Stick



The SL-5 Mini Starlites fit on top of the float, making nighttime float fishing just as effective as during the day. The packet includes a short section of tubing that matches perfectly to all RAVEN floats, and most other fixed stem floats. Great for pre-dawn or late evening sessions.

SL-5: 3.0mm dia. x 23mm, 2 sticks per bag + tubing





Starlite Sl-1 Light Stick




For thicker tipped floats, such as the DRENNAN Loafers, Avons and Bobbers, the SL-1 Starlites are the perfect fit. Being brighter and longer lasting, they are great for fishing at long range or for longer night sessions.

SL-1: 4.5mm dia. x 37mm, 1 stick per bag + tubing






Starlite Cliplight




When bottom fishing at night, the Starlite CLIPLIGHTS are the ultimate solution. They clip directly to the rod tip, without any tape or fidgety attachments. Superb for pier fishing slip sinker rigs during the salmon and steelhead runs - no more missing hits in the dark!

SLCLIP: for rod tips 2.4-2.9mm dia., 1 stick per bag