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Monster Carp Tackle Ground Bait


Monster Spring FeedersMonster™ Spring Feeders


Monster spring feeders are designed for use in still water. Pack them with your favourite groundbait to attract carp to the hookbait. These feeders are best used with a "running rig" set-up.

CXFSSM - Small, 5.5 cm
CXFSMD - Medium, 6.5 cm
CXFSLG - Large, 7.5 cm


Monster Weighted Spring Feeder

Monster™ Weighted Spring Feeders

Reach for the Monster weighted spring feeders when fishing at longer range in still water. The center weight adds casting distance and holds stable in windy conditions.

CXFWSM - Small, 5.5 cm, 15 g
CXFWMD - Medium, 6.5 cm, 20 g
CXFWLG - Large, 7.5 cm, 40 g


Monster™ Ribbed Method Feeders

Monster Ribbed Method Feeders

These heavyweight in-line ribbed feeders have the heft to drive in the hook when fished as a bolt rig (works best with XL size Monsterâ„¢ Carp Swivels). The cage design allows it to be packed with virtually any type of groundbait and is most effective when lots of loose particles are incorporated into the mix.

CXFMSM - Small, 60g
CXFMMD - Medium, 80g
CXFMLG - Large, 100g