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Monster Carp Tackle Corn


Monster™ Carp Corn

Monster Carp Tackle Corn

MONSTER™ carp corn is perfectly processed to ensure that it stays on the hair and disperses scent even after hours of continuous use. Packaged in sturdy, easy access wide mouth plastic 8oz jars.


MCCORN-B - Bad A$$ Banana
MCCORN-S - Strawberry SLAM!
MCCORN-F - Fruit Punch-Out!
MCCORN-L - Liquorice Lust
MCCORN-P - Pineapple Crush



Monster™ Groundbait

Monster Carp Tackle Groundbait

Throw in a few balls of MONSTER™ Grounbait to really get carp feeding in your swim. Full of small tasty particles, it will get carp actively feeding and hold them there. Mix in just enough water to get the groundbait to hold together in a ball. Available in a convenient resealable 500g bag.


MCGBRR - Raspberry Rush
MCGBPC - Pineapple Crush
MCGBCC - Chocolate Chunk


Monster™ Boilies

Monster Carp Tackle Boilies

MONSTER™ boilies attract carp and get them feeding. Bait the water with a few free offerings to trigger a feeding frenzy. Available in 16mm diameter and packaged in convenient resealable 250g bags.


MCB16M-C - Magic Maize
MCB16M-S - Super Scopex
MCB16M-F - Fruit Punch-Out!
MCB16M-V - Killa Vanilla