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Monster Carp Tackle


Monster Carp Tackle Bank Stick

Monster™ Telescopic Bank Sticks

Black aluminum telescopic bank stick. All brass fittings. Universal threading will fit virtually all buzzers, rod rests and keepnets.


CXBS50 - 50-90cm Bank Stick





Monster Carp Tackle Rod Rest Front

Monster™ Rod Rest Front

These rod rests feature a centre groove to allow line to run through unhindered. Rounded arms help prevent tangles.


CXRRFR - Rod Rest Front


Monster Carp Tackle Rod Rest Back

Monster™ Rod Rest Back

Smooth rounded back rod rest holds cork butt sections perfectly. Ideal for both feeder rod and float rods.


CXRRBK - Rod Rest Back


Monster™ Rod Rest Flexi

Monster Carp Tackle Rod Rest Flexi

Flexible back rod rest holds traditional carp rods secure in rod pods or on bank sticks. Great when using bait-runner reels.


CXRRFL - Rod Rest Flexi


Monster™ Drop-Off Indicator

Monster carp Tackle Drop Off Indicator

Use this drop-off indicator to not only show bites but to also help increase the sensitivity the bite alarm. Great for detecting "drop back" takes. Features a fully adjustable tension knob on the line clip.


CXDRHW - Indicator



Monster Carp Tackle Boilie Hook & Drill

Monster™ Boilie Hook & Drill Set

The drill is used to drill through boilies, maize or other hard baits. The boilie hook is designed to pull the "hair loop" through the bait. Knurled for easy handling.


CXBDHK - Boilie Hook & Drill




Monster™ Feeder Boom

Monster Carp Tackle Feeder Boom

Use these feeder booms for tangle-free sliding rigs. Attach a feeder or gripper lead to the clip and use a swivel to tie on the hook length or hair rig. Measures 15cm (6-inches) in length. Packaged in sets of 3.


CXFDBM - Feeder Boom


Monster Carp Tackle Rig Threader

Monster™ Rig Threader

Makes threading rig tubing a breeze. An absolute must for any serious carp angler. 90cm (36") long.


CXTH90-P - Rig Threader