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E-S-P Mega Pult

E-S-P Mega Pult

Pound out piles of bait with accuracy. Great for building up a swim quickly at short to medium range.





E-S-P Boilie Pult



E-S-P Boilie Pult

The perfect tool for feeding boilies and large pellets at medium range. Clusters bait tightly and accurately.





E-S-P Particle Pult

E-S-P Particle Pult

Double walled elastic and a large pouch make this catapult ideal for accurately launching large amounts of particle baits at range. Recommended for maize, sweet corn and pellets.





Gripmesh Feeders


Gripmesh Feeders

The perfect river feeder. Its pliable construction helps reduce snagging. Fished either upstream or directly across the current, takes are usually indicated by a sudden slack in the line. Best rigged "locked in place" with a split shot on one side and a swivel (attached to a leader) on the other.


DRFGSM - 20 g
DRFGMD - 25 g
DRFGLG - 30 g





E-S-P P-V-A Bags

These soluble bags are filled with dry or oily baits, attached around the weight (sealed with a little moisture) and cast out. The perforations in the material allow air to escape as the bag drops to the bottom. Within
a minute, the bag dissolves completely, leaving free offerings and the hook bait in perfect position.

15 bags per packet.






E-S-P PVA String

E-S-P 6 Ply P-V-A String

Water soluble 6 ply PVA string ensure perfect placement of free offering by the hook. Great for long range casting.






E-S-P PVA Mesh Kit

E-S-P P-V-A Mesh Kit

Kit includes dispenser and 6 m of soluble 32 mm diameter mesh. Makes perfect "bait sticks" that are attached to the hook and cast out to deliver pellets/crushed boilies directly around the hook bait. Dissolves in about 5-10 seconds.


ESPMKT - PVA mesh kit.
ESPM32 - 6 m of replacement PVA mesh.




E-S-P Marker Float System

E-S-P Interchangeable Marker Float System

Used in combination with a heavy sliding carp lead, the marker float helps determine the depth and features of the swim. Cast out (with a spare rod) and left in the water to "mark" the spot for feeding and casting. An essential tool for long range carp fishing.

Includes 3 exchangeable tops to match the light and water conditions.