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Angers International Brands
Anglers International Inc. is proud to be the leading North American distributor of premium Steelhead float fishing rods, reels and accessories. All our products are meticulously designed, rigorously tested and backed by one of the quickest and most dependable warranty services in the industry.
Our web site includes photos and descriptions of all our products: RAVEN, MATRIX, Drennan, Kamasan, Starlite light sticks, Sure Shot, TroutBeads, MottledBeads, GlowBeadz, BloodDotEggs. These items are indispensable for float fishing for Steelhead in the Great Lakes area. Our site has useful information on casting centre-pins (centrepin, center pin, float reels), shotting the float and some great Steelheading pictures.
Our products can be purchased from any of the authorized tackle dealers in Canada and the USA listed on our site. Including: RAVEN Vectra SST-3 and SST-2 Float Reels (Centrepins, Centerpins), MATRIX Float Reels, RAVEN RV9 Float Rods, RAVEN IM8 Float Rods, 15' IM8, 14' IM8, 13' IM8, RAVEN IM6 Float Rods, 13'6" IM6, 11'6" IM6, 11' IM6, MATRIX Float Rods, MATRIX 12'9" Float Rods, MATRIX 12'6" Float Rods, RAVEN Invisible Fluorocarbon leader line, RAVEN Main Line, Hi-Vis and Lo-Vis, RAVEN Hooks, RAVEN Silicone Float Cap Tubing, RAVEN Ultra Micro Swivels, RAVEN Split Shot Dispensers, RAVEN Premium Balsa Floats, Drennan Fluorocarbon Leader, Drennan Piker floats, Drennan Zeppler floats, Drennan Loafer floats, Drennan silicone tubing and float caps, Drennan float stops, Kamasan hooks, Sure Shot split shot, TroutBeads, GlowBeadz, BloodDotEggs, MottledBeads.
Recently, we expanded our range and are proud to be a driving force behind carp fishing in North America. Our selection of specialized carp gear from these fine brands: Drennan, Kamasan, Wychwood, ESP, Tandem Baits and Monster Carp Tackle. Our range includes, ground baits and boilies, carp hooks, carp rods and carp reels.
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